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KONGIGIN LUISE  sailed From Bremen, Germany and arrived in New York June 30, 1910


This Junker Family's nearly Identical Passenger List ALSO appears under the

Ship Prinz Friedrich Wilhelm Arriving in New York June 20, 1910.

(The Same Ship the Maron Family sailed on in 1912) - which would make sense)


I have been unable to locate this family on any of the Wilhelm Manifests

and the original Manifest for the Luise is not available to date.

There is either an error in transcription or the Junker's were originally

booked on the Wilhelm and cancelled and boarded the Luise (possible but

unlikely as there is only a 10 day delay between the two ships).

Until such time as I can document otherwise - I have chosen the later of the two ships.

No doubt the key may be:

Peter - Appears on the transcribed Prinz Friedrich Wilhelm list - June 20 Arrival

      - Does not appear on the transcribed records for the KONIGIN LUISE - June 30 arrival



2288  JUNKER, Johann     Abt 1873  

2289  VIX KATHRINA       Abt 1870

  14  JUNKER, Adam       Oct 1893   Russia           Nov 1975        Kelowna B.C.

2290  JUNKER, Peter      Abt 1892

2291  JUNKER, Otto       Abt 1895

2292  JUNKER, Diana      Abt 1909

Final Destination Was Bismark, North Dakota (per daughter Frieda)

Built by A/G Vulcan Shipyard, Stettin, Germany, 1897. 10,566 gross tons; 552 (bp) feet long; 60 feet wide. Steam quadruple expansion engines, twin screw. Service speed 14.5 knots. 2,400 passengers (225 first class, 235 second class, 1,940 third class).

Built for North German Lloyd, German flag, in 1897 and named Konigen Luise. Bremerhaven-New York and Australia, also Mediterranean-New York service. Laid-up throughout World War I, 1914-18. Given as reparations to Orient Line, British flag, in 1919 and renamed Omar. UK-Australia and Mediterranean-New York service. Sold to Byron Steamship Company, British flag, in 1924 and renamed Edison. Piraeus-Mediterranean ports-New York service. Transferred to Greek registry in 1929. Scrapped in Italy in 1935.

Source: The Statue of Liberty-Ellis Island Foundation. American Family  Immigration History Center