Additional Passengers also aboard the Wilhelm with the Marons arriving in New York, Nov 18, 1912 with final destination Red Deer Alberta.  Have not been able to document relationships but boarding numbers indicate they were together.

      Name                Age Married    Ethnicity  Place of Residence

0001. Wiest, Johann     M 25y  S  Russia - German   Strawropol, Russia

0002. Maron, Michael    M 52y  M  Russia - German   Romanowke, Russia

0003. Maron, Karoline   F 51y  M  Russia - German   Romanowke, Russia

0004. Maron, Elisabeta  F 17y  S  Russia - German   Romanowke, Russia

0005. Maron, Amalia     F 16y  S  Russia - German   Romanowke, Russia

0006. Maron, Gustav     M 11y  S Russia -  German   Romanowke, Russia

0007. Maron, Lidia      F 11y  S Russia -  German   Romanowke, Russia

0008. Maron, Reinhold   M  9y  S Russia -  German   Romanowke, Russia

0009. Maron, Lima       F  7y  S Russia -  German   Romanowke, Russia

0010. Maron, Johann     M 28y  M Russia -  German   Romanowke, Russia

0011. Maron, Kristina   F 27y  M Russia -  German   Romanowke, Russia

0012. Maron, Leo        M  4y  S Russia -  German   Romanowke, Russia

0013. Maron, Natalia    F  3y  S Russia -  German   Romanowke, Russia

0014. Maron, Emilie     F  3m  S Russia -  German   Romanowke, Russia

0015. Schell, Ludwig    M 43y  M Russia -  German   Romanowke, Russia

0016. Schell, Kararina  F 27y  M Russia -  German   Romanowke, Russia

0017. Schell, Lidia     F 13y  S Russia -  German   Romanowke, Russia

0018. Schell, Leonard   M 10y  S Russia -  German   Romanowke, Russia

0019. Schell, Robert    M  3y  S Russia -  German   Romanowke, Russia

0020. Schell, Paul      M  2y  S Russia -  German  Romanowke, Russia

0021. Schell, Oskar