Other passengers from Soloternoka - destination illegible - not yet linked to family

         Name                     Age   Status    Ethnicity     Place of Residence

0005. Kary, Rochus                26y      M       Russia       Soloternoka, Russia

0006. Kary, Anna Maria            23y      M       Russia       Soloternoka, Russia

0007. Kary, Frieda                 7y      S       Russia       Soloternoka, Russia

0008. Kary, Lidia                  6y      S       Russia       Soloternoka, Russia

0009. Kary, Monika                 2m      S       Russia       Soloternoka, Russia

0010. Croisant, Johannes           54y     M       Russia       Soloternoka, Russia

0011. Croisant, Elisabeth          45y     M       Russia       Soloternoka, Russia

0012. Croisant, Heinrich           16y     S       Russia       Soloternoka, Russia

0013. Croisant, Jacob              10y     S       Russia       Soloternoka, Russia

0014. Croisant, Rosa                7y     S       Russia       Soloternoka, Russia

0015. Croisant, Friedrich          27y     M       Russia       Soloternoka, Russia

0016. Croisant, Katharina          10y     S       Russia       Soloternoka, Russia

0017. Croisant, Friedrich           1m     S       Russia       Soloternoka, Russia

0018. Croisant, Peter              49y     M       Russia       Soloternoka, Russia

0019. Croisant, Katarina           48y     M       Russia       Soloternoka, Russia

0020. Croisant, Katarina           18y     S       Russia       Soloternoka, Russia

0021. Croisant, Elisabetha         11y     S       Russia       Soloternoka, Russia

0022. Croisant, Margaretha         13y     S       Russia       Soloternoka, Russia

0023. Croisant, Heinrich          11y      S       Russia       Soloternoka, Russia

0024. Croisant, Rosa               9y      S       Russia       Soloternoka, Russia

0025. Croisant, Lydia              7y      S       Russia       Soloternoka, Russia

0026. Croisant, Natalia            5m      S       Russia       Soloternoka, Russia

0027. Croisant, Jacob              25y     M        Russia      Soloternoka, Russia

0028. Croisant, Elisabeth          23y     M        Russia      Soloternoka, Russia

0029. Croisant, Elisabeth           2y     S        Russia      Solaternoka, Russia

0030. Croisant, Peter               3m     S        Russia      Solaternoka, Russia

0008. Kary, Valentin               46y      M       Russia      Soloternoka, Russia

0009. Kary, Mariana                44y      M       Russia      Soloternoka, Russia

0010. Kary, Elisabeth              17y      S       Russia      Soloternoka, Russia

0011. Kary, Lidia                  15y      S       Russia      Soloternoka, Russia

0012. Kary, Johann                 11y      S       Russia      Soloternoka, Russia

0013. Kary, Michael                10y      S       Russia      Soloternoka, Russia

0014. Kary, Jacob                   9y      S       Russia      Soloternoka, Russia

0015. Kary, Reinhold                7y      S       Russia      Soloternoka, Russia

0016. Kary, Emanuel                 4y      S       Russia      Soloternoka, Russia

0017. Kary, Valentin                2y      S       Russia      Soloternoka, Russia

0018. Kary, Michael                25y      M       Russia      Soloternoka, Russia

0019. Kary, Lidia                  22y      M       Russia      Soloternoka, Russia

0020. Kary, Johann                  3y      S       Russia      Soloternoka, Russia

0021. Kary, Reinhold                2y      S       Russia      Soloternoka, Russia

0022. Kary, Rosa                    8m      S       Russia      Soloternoka, Russia