SS CANADA - Sailed from Liverpool 28 Nov 1908 - arrived in Halifax 6 Dec 1908


 5 BAUER,Christopher   17 May 1854 Peterstal,Russia     29 Apr 1923 Youngstown,Alb.

 6 DICK,Juliana        15 Jan 1861 Freudental,Russia    21 Mar 1914 Youngstown,Alb.

 4 BAUER,Adolph        26 Nov 1885 Peterstal,Russia        Sep 1935 Ponoka,Alberta

10 BAUER,Lydia         15 Mar 1888 Peterstal,Russia     26 Jan 1974 Kelowna, B.C

11 BAUER,Christopher   30 Jul 1891 Peterstal,Russia     24 Oct 1950 Vermilion,Alb.

13 BAUER,Emilia        12 Nov 1893 Peterstal,Russia      8 Aug 1970 Kelowna, B.C.

15 BAUER,Eva            4 Jun 1895 Peterstal,Russia      4 May 1974 Rimbey, Alberta

16 BAUER,Emanuel       30 Jul 1899 Peterstal,Russia     17 Mar 1976 Red Deer Alberta

18 BAUER,Bertha        16 Feb 1902 Peterstal,Russia     11 Mar 1924 Bentley, Alberta

19 BAUER,Edward        15 Mar 1904 Petersthal,Russia    17 Jan 1986 Rimbey, Alberta

Final destination given as Irvine, Alberta


 This service operated from 1908 until 1926, although the Dominion Line effectively ceased to exist in 1921, when ownership of all of its ships was transferred to IMM's Leyland Line. In 1926, when the last of Dominion's fleet was scrapped, this service was renamed the White Star Line Canadian Service. Canada was one of Dominion's original contributions to the "White Star-Dominion Line." Built by Harland & Wolff, Belfast, she was launched in 1896 and took her maiden voyage, Liverpool-Québec-Montréal, on 1 October 1896. During the Boer War (1899-1902) she served as a troop transport, but otherwise she served Canada during the summers and Boston in winter. In August 1914, while in Canada, she was taken over and used to transport troops to England. Upon her arrival there, she was used as an accommodation ship for German prisoners for the rest of the year. From 1915 until the end of World War I, she was used as a transport ship. Her first voyage after the war was from Liverpool to Portland, Maine, in November 1918. Although she was transferred to Leyland Line ownership in 1921, she retained her name and continued to carry Dominion's livery. She remained in service until August 1926, when she made her final voyage on the same route as her maiden voyage. She was scrapped in Italy.

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